The Last Gladiators

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First Entry!

Posted by The Last Gladiator on October 21, 2014 at 2:50 PM


Please allow me to introduce myself. You can call me Dick or even Last or Glad. I'll respond to just about anything and anything you can come up with would probably be better than what my wife has called me!


The name and title "(The) Last Gladiators" is a general pseudonym I use for my accounts on many websites. The name "The Last Gladiators" refers to the uniforms, weapons, equipment, art, architecture, propaganda, related symbolism, mannerism and even the salute used by Nazi-Germany before and during WWII; how each has an undeniable connection to or is an obvious representation of the military and gladiatorial aspects of the Roman Empire. With this pseudonym I collect images and stories concerning the above and share them. That is the official tagline.


On a more personal level, I have a passion for history and truth. I have also found nearly everything concerning the Third Reich fascinating. The gear, equipment and paraphernalia that revolves around The Reich has sparked my imagination as far back as I can remember.


I am a child of the mid-20th century and a retired NCO in the US Army. My paternal grandfather was a decorated NCO combat paratrooper in the U.S. Army during WWII; a hero who lost part of his foot in The Battle of Kasserine Pass and still went on to serve for the duration of the war in another capacity (ultimately as a mess Sergeant). Grandpa brought home many Third Reich war "souvenirs" which fascinated me through my childhood. While the stand-alone items (daggers, flags, jack-boots and even an over-sized (postwar) Life's Picture History of World War II*) were enough to capture the imagination of this young man, the stories behind the objects truly brought them to life.



Above: Life's Picture History of World War II


Many of us find ourselves somewhat less than independently wealthy. We find collecting these artifacts to be a financial challenge, especially as they become more and more scarce and forgeries flood the market. This does little to extinguish our interest. In this day and age of digital information exchange, we now have an alternative to collecting "Objets d'Art". This pursuit can be fulfilled by gathering, collecting and sharing digital images on the Internet. While it isn't the same as holing these relics in hand, the ability to share your collection with potentially millions of like-minded people makes up for it. Back-stories discovered or linked to these images just add a sweet topping to the pursuit. I have a few of these stories which were passed to me from my Grandfather which I will share as we make our journey.


Again, what I have designed is a medium through which to share fascinating images of historical importance. It is not an altar at which to worship National Socialism or long dead heroes of olde. It is not anti-Semitic, anti-Gypsy, anti-Homosexual or Pro-Aryan. It is not a hate site. It is our attempt to share our fascination with history and historical artifacts the way we have seen it.




One footnote: In my search and sharing I have uncovered a lot of facts of which I was previously unaware. Among (but not limited to) these are The Zündel Affair, The Boycott of German Goods and The Haavara Agreement. My understanding of history has undergone a metamorphosis which I never expected to happen. In the latter portion of my life I have become quite apolitical, living in the USA as I believe our system is broken and that the puppet masters are untouchable. I will not go any further here and now, but I do plan on making the former issues well known (even if I am preaching to the choir!).

Above: Another picture from Life's history of World War II; one of the first pictures in the book.

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