The Last Gladiators

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About Us

The Last Gladiators - A Webstore Featuring Replica 3rd Reich Edged Weapons and Misc. Accoutrements

Our Replica: $19.99

Original: $80,000!!!

Above: Our Replica DLV Dagger: $24.99

Above: Original DLV Dagger: $1,300+!!!

Who We Are, What We Do and Why!

The NSDAP did a few things very well.  They created "accoutrements" and developed symbols which had a way of sticking in your mind.  A countless number of American G.I.'s brought home a German edged weapon of one variety or another.  My grandfather was one of these men, in fact.  These men weren't making a political statement, they just thought that these weapons were, "cool".  

And they were right.

Generations later, we find that these weapons are still just as captivating as they were back then. While original examples become more and more scarce (and astronomically expensive!), quality replicas hang on the wall just as beautifully.  Most of the original examples were not made for battle/combat use and neither are most replicas.  Both are, however, beautiful and high quality. 

I began collecting these (and other items from the 3rd German Reich) in the 1970's.  My original collection was decimated when a divorce required that I sell for monetary value division.  Since that time my interest in the subject never waned, but the market prices were so high that I could not easily replace my lost collection.  That was when I turned to the replica market.

Immediately after WWII, the "replica" market often consisted of edged weapons and paraphernalia that had been assembled from real, leftover parts found in the many blade factories and warehouses across a defeated German.  Some of these items were hard to discern from the originals, especially for the layman.  

The years after that were unkind to replicas.  Few replicas from the "1955-2000 era" could have ever been mistaken for originals.  Not only did they lack in quality, but the design was usually inaccurate at best.  Sometimes forgeries didn't even live up to their name. There were blades that were more "fantasy" than forgeries or reproductions/replicas.  A certain folding blade comes to mind. While it looked cool, it had never been produced by the Third Reich at all!  I had one, guilty! Today, we sell a version of this blade for entertainment and post-war historical value, only. We will ALWAYS provide you with full disclosure, even about our replicas.

Dennix was one of the few exceptions to the rule of horrid forgeries of the era.  Made in Spain, they made some decent replicas. Never did they try to sell these as originals (though some unscrupulous vendors did just that).  The Dennix quality and design was acceptable, but not sufficiently high enough to be mistaken for an original by any informed buyer.

In the "post-2000/modern replica era" we find that many Chinese sources are producing some replicas of great (and very affordable) aesthetic quality.  While we only deal with edged weapon replicas, some Chinese sources are also producing replica quality uniforms and gear.  If you are interested in these items it is worth your time to do a Google search to find them.  They are sold as replicas and the uniforms are often available in custom sizes.  Just an unpaid FYI...  I don't mind sharing information.  Some of the reproduction Great-Coats they are producing today are remarkably beautiful, well made and quite serviceable for daily wear (without the insignia, of course).

It is with this in mind and in this spirit we have decided to try and make some of these replica blades available to the general public. While we cannot reproduce the feelings our grandfathers created when they opened those footlockers and showed us their spoils of war for the first time, we can create new feelings and memories.  My mid-teen step-son was just as fascinated when I showed him the first of these new replicas as my son was years ago, the first time he glimpsed one of my originals.  He (my step-son) quickly told me he wanted one as did my best friend's son of the same age group and today (unlike with my son and the expensive originals) that is very possible.  It was at their age when my grandpa opened his footlocker and showed me his small treasure trove of war booty.  Cool is cool, no matter when and where.  It isn't some abstract political ideology that captures our imagination. We don't hear the Horst Wessel Song when we look at these blades. They don't come with a soundtrack or political manual. They just look cool.  The designs transcend all of those negative connotations which may otherwise be attached to them.

We've tried to keep our prices as low as possible and still make it worth our time.  Being an internet mail-order business helps us keep overhead to a minimum.  We order the items you see listed here from a vendor, trying to keep several of each on hand at all times.  This keeps you from waiting for your paid items.  Drop-shipping sites may appear appealing and affordable at first, but at the first sign of trouble (I.E.- try to return a product to a drop shipping site!) you will find out otherwise.  Any savings you enjoyed soon turn into headaches.  With us, you are dealing with a husband and wife operation and every step of your order is accountable by one or the other, which helps put your mind at ease.  You can rest assured that your order has been processed with the greatest care.

We will never knowingly represent any replica as an original item.  At this time we offer no 100% original Third Reich items.  We offer quality (unless otherwise noted) reproductions.  We are also considering offering some digital facsimiles of original Reich and Reich-related publications, posters and pictures.  Over the years we have acquired a considerable collection of such digital media.   

Notice: We cannot ship to countries that have banned free speech and ideas as they have made these illegal due to symbolism.  This is not a judgement of you or your choices.  Some countries have imposed very severe punishments on people who have sold, traded and even talked about things related to the Third Reich.  If you live in such a country, you probably know it.  While we would love to help you develop your collection, we simply have no desire to go to prison or be banned from entering a country which imposes these heavy handed censorships, sanctions and punishments.