The Last Gladiators

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We Are Not Accepting Orders Temporarily As of 8-1-15 Thanks For Your Patronage And Check Out Our Humor Area

The Last Gladiators
Quality 3rd Reich Edged Weapon Replicas For sale

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  • DLV Pilot's Dagger, Original
    DLV Pilot's Dagger, Original
  • Original Luftwaffe 1st Model Dagger
    Original Luftwaffe 1st Model Dagger
  • Original 3rd Reich Daggers
    Original 3rd Reich Daggers
  • Goering's Collection @ West Point
    Goering's Collection @ West Point
  • 3rd Reich German Hakenkreuz Dress Dagger
    3rd Reich German Hakenkreuz Dress Dagger
  • German Red Cross Dagger, Original
    German Red Cross Dagger, Original
DLV Pilot's Dagger, Original
DLV Pilot's Dagger, Original

Replica DLV Pilot's Dagger

Greetings and Salutations!

As I have no following here, this should be pretty easy.

I just want to let all my customers and potential customers; friends, what has been going on here.

Soon after we opened our doors (around about March 2015) I became caught up in a domestic dispute with my wife.  I moved out for a month or so, moved back and found it just wasn't really working.  So I found housing near the VA where I get my medical care (I have congestive heart failure, among other things).  Now I can kill two birds with one stone: We can take a break from our marriage and I am close to medical treatment, now (I was 3 hours away, before).

The only issue which affects you, my friends and customers is that a few order fell between the cracks during a crucial stage in our growth.  I sent them out ASAP, as soon as I realized what had happened and the customers seemed pleased.  I felt bad, though as they waited almost a month; maybe more in one case.

Therefore, since I am now stuck in my new apartment without transportation to the post office, etc. I am ceasing the taking of orders at this time.  I do have some stock left and would be willing to discuss the possibility of a sale or trade if you contact me at last-gladiators@last-gladiators.com.  I hope to restart soon and in the interim, I will be posting some humor I created from old WWII (mostly German) pictures I found.  I hope you enjoy it!  I had a lot of fun making them and coming up with the captions, etc.

Please continue to enjoy the site.  There are a lot of free pictures of a lot of WWII German/3rd Reich memorabilia, weapons, flags, uniforms, awards, papers and books.  If you're like me it isn't about being a "Nazi", I just find most of the aspects of the Reich to be fascinating.  I'll also be adding to the Reichshumor section, as I mentioned.  It is just stuff I came up with when I saw these pictures throughout my life and I found amusing.

Truly Your Comrade In Arms and Spirit,

The Last Gladiator